Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mary Steenburgen

Kyle and I met Mary Steenburgen in California last week at the Step Brothers movie premiere. She was kind enough to sign my Back To The Future Part III dvd and Kyle's Step Brothers poster. She was there with her husband Ted Danson.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Warwick Davis

Warwick Davis (Willow, Leprechaun, Return Of The Jedi, Prince Caspian) was at Bad Apple Comics a couple of weeks ago signing autographs (unlike Brendan Fraser). He was a super nice guy and signed my Willow and Leprechaun dvd's.

Brendan Fraser

I met Brendan Fraser today at Universal Studios, FL. I shook his hand and spoke to him briefly. I was selected to be one of five to participate in a Q&A session with Brendan. I told him I had been a fan since 'Encino Man' and asked him about future projects. He didn't sign any autographs, which was a bummer. Other than that, it was a cool getting to meet him.