Sunday, October 29, 2006

Friday, October 27, 2006

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Jenn Sterger!

Awesome Weekend in Tallahassee!

Dad and Brenda made this weekend possible! THANK YOU!

Big Nick (Lincoln Hawks), Liz, HB & myself celebrated Big Nick's birthday early @ the FSU vs. Boston College game this weekend in Tallahassee. We lived like VIP's in Dad & Brenda's townhouse, parking right in front of the stadium & sitting in 4 amazing seats (in the shade no less)! We got to see Honeybear's brick, the Burt Reynolds Dorms and got a unique and up-close look at the FSU way of life. One of the best parts was witnessing the unveiling of the new black FSU uniforms (hence the "Dark At Doak" theme). Black FSU apparel was flying off the shelves everywhere we went.

The excitement at the stadium was insurmountable and being a part of that atmosphere was electrifying!

Awesome, awesome weekend!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Screamfest: Day Two

I know what you're thinking, and you're right. What was I doing back at Screamfest on Sunday? Yeah, long story. Got some more autographs, met a few more celebs, including the sexy Lisa Wilcox from the 'Nightmare On Elm Street' movies.

The awesome weekend continues.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Katy's Wedding

Beautiful church, ceremony and bride! The HB & I had a blast! Saw a lot of faces from the past (Including DJ Robert, yeesh). The reception was held at the Lakeland Yacht & Beach Club on Lake Hollingsworth. That place was awesome.

*It's been a great day. Not to mention the HB and I saw an awesome movie on Friday night. I woke up this morning to gorgeous weather and a great Gary Busey movie. The Wolf & I ate breakfast at the BK Lounge after 10:30 am. A random guy gave me $3 (Don't ask). Screamfest rocked! Found a Miami Vice action figure I've been looking for at Virgin Megastore! Some 'Rocky' merchandise I ordered off Amazon came in today. The wedding was great and the dinner was out of control. Stopped in Best Buy after the wedding and p/u Magnum Season 5 (using a 5 dollars off coupon). And the Seminoles won (the beat Duke big time)! I think its safe to say life is good and I'm very very blessed.


The Wolf and I weren't really sure what to expect but we wound up having a great time!

Jane Wiedlin was great! Edward Furlong signed some T2 items for us including a John Connor action figure! We told him how bummed we were that he wasn't in Terminator 3. Furlong talked to us for a little bit and we even shared a few laughs together. The event had some wild stuff on display including some awesome props from 'Team America'. One of the most exciting things for me was to finally see the 'Rocky' figures on the shelves!

*Be sure to check out the Screamfest post over at