Saturday, October 14, 2006

Katy's Wedding

Beautiful church, ceremony and bride! The HB & I had a blast! Saw a lot of faces from the past (Including DJ Robert, yeesh). The reception was held at the Lakeland Yacht & Beach Club on Lake Hollingsworth. That place was awesome.

*It's been a great day. Not to mention the HB and I saw an awesome movie on Friday night. I woke up this morning to gorgeous weather and a great Gary Busey movie. The Wolf & I ate breakfast at the BK Lounge after 10:30 am. A random guy gave me $3 (Don't ask). Screamfest rocked! Found a Miami Vice action figure I've been looking for at Virgin Megastore! Some 'Rocky' merchandise I ordered off Amazon came in today. The wedding was great and the dinner was out of control. Stopped in Best Buy after the wedding and p/u Magnum Season 5 (using a 5 dollars off coupon). And the Seminoles won (the beat Duke big time)! I think its safe to say life is good and I'm very very blessed.


Dutch said...

Didn't Lincoln Hawks date this chick?

Didn't HB, Janina, me, and you play a couple rounds of boulders dash & battle of the sexes with her and her roommate, right Bobby? And Utah once, that sick son of a bitch.


dutchie, awesome memory sir!

wow, that was back during the river lake days. . .where the was a rape/domestic assault daily

Dutch said...

Bobby - so true man. I remember those days of River Lake, I think even me and you got in on one of those assaults.

Dutch said...

The groom didn't shave for his OWN wedding?