Saturday, October 14, 2006


The Wolf and I weren't really sure what to expect but we wound up having a great time!

Jane Wiedlin was great! Edward Furlong signed some T2 items for us including a John Connor action figure! We told him how bummed we were that he wasn't in Terminator 3. Furlong talked to us for a little bit and we even shared a few laughs together. The event had some wild stuff on display including some awesome props from 'Team America'. One of the most exciting things for me was to finally see the 'Rocky' figures on the shelves!

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hey wolf, who was the days of our lives star that liked your american psycho shirt?

wolfie said...

The guy from Hills Have Eyes II? I believe his name is Kevin Spirtas. I'm pretty sure he's playing for the other team.

hawks said...

your right furlong does need to lay off the drugs...what a promising career he had