Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Look What Honey Bear And I Are Doing For Labor Day Weekend!

We just decided on a whim to try something romantic. Honey and I stumbled across this "posh and contemporary" bed & breakfast in Mt. Dora. This will be my first time at a bed & breakfast!

Check out their website here:

HB and I will be staying in the Olive Room.



i hear mt dora has a springs, we'll have to check that out

Spengler said...

If you're going for romantic, might I suggest you take 27 to CR 561 in clermont. 561 is an awesome drive, almost like being in North Carolina.

Dutch said...

You guys will be bored out of your ass won't you?


spengler thanks for the advice, might take u up on that, dutchie u sick bastard, we plan to hit the springs and go tubing, were going to the day spa, maybe hit a few nature trails and head over to winter park, HB needs a little getaway