Thursday, December 21, 2006


'Rocky' brought in big numbers and a #1 Box Office Slot on opening day!

UPDATE: Now at over 60 million!

Should continue a strong run in theaters thanks to strong word of mouth from critics and fans!

'Rocky' will also bring in big numbers overseas and on DVD!


box office report said...

wed + thurs = 10 million

(10 mil already and its not even the weekend yet!!)

box office mojo said...

'rocky' is in 3rd as of 12-22

made over 5 mil on fri and sat

will be between 25-30 mil by sun

predicted to take in between 5-10 mil on Christmas day

box office mojo said...

*made 5 mil on fri & between 5-6 mil on sat

showbizdata said...

wed-mon = 30 mil

hawks said...

what the hell is wrong with this country...that stupid ben stiller movie is #1...i dont get it...rocky balboa is prob the best movie i have seen in the past couple of years...i guess it fits though rocky is always the underdog. great movie!!!

box office mojo said...

50 mil in 2 weeks!

hawks said...

50 mil is great but not when stupid movies are making that in almost a should have been 1...shame on us...i havent been this excited about a movie since prob T2

magnun said...

as of 2-7-06: 69.4

70 mil here we come!


Now at 70+ Million and 150 Million Worldwide!